In the panorama of recent centuries’ silverware, PETRUZZI & BRANCA has provided a point of reference for the most demanding and refined European noblemen, who have always turned to these prestigious manufacturers to adorn their tables and homes with valuable silverware.

Important figures from the last century have appreciated PETRUZZI & BRANCA creations, ranging from the Savoia household, to King Faruk, King Idris of Libya and the king of Albania

Renzo Castagneto and Count and Countess Maggi had no doubts in turning to the historical company for the cup and trophies of ‘the best race in the world’ - the 1000 mile race, for the editions held from 1927 to 1957.

With time, many different royal and political figures have relied on the expert hands of Petruzzi & Branca: including Paola di Liegi, Reza Pahlevi, the Shah of Persia, the Arabian tycoon Adnan Kasogghial, President Clinton, the German Chancellor Koll, Queen Java and the Byelorussian president Alexander Lukashenko.

Always handed down from generation to generation, silver art has made the collections of the well-known PETRUZZI & BRANCA manufacture famous worldwide, where we still today enjoy a synonym of style and value.



The centuries-old activity of the silversmiths PETRUZZI & BRANCA is mentioned in two important texts: ‘ARGENTI ITALIANI DELL ‘800’ (1800s Italian silvers) by V. Donaver and R. Dabbenei, and ‘ORAFI E ARGENTIERI BRESCIANI NEI SECOLI XVIII e XIX’ (18th and 19th century Brescia gold and silversmiths) by Renata Massa, which includes the phrase "With this pusher, Giovita Petruzzi stamped his works”.