PETRUZZI & BRANCA are Italian silversmiths, and a centuries-old point of reference for those appreciating a successful blend of good taste, intrinsic value and great tradition. And today, the family tradition continues with Antonio Cesare Petruzzi, who proudly maintains the work begun by Luigi Petruzzi in the late 1700s.


Today’s silver collections are still handmade according to techniques, models, designs and decorations from various different silver art styles, creating a great many combinations of designs and styles that can develop into different coordinated lines of unique, originally perfect pieces. Each item of the collections is designed and created to meet specific customer requirements, stylistic preferences and needs, making the silverware absolutely unique and personal.


In presenting these collections, PETRUZZI & BRANCA S.a.s. di Antonio Cesare Petruzzi has the ambitious, but realistic objective of providing expert and amateur eyes with a description of the works presented and created as replicas, identifying for each the essential characters of the styles and decorations of silver art.