The production sites are magical atmospheres where time seems to have stood still since the end of the 1700s.

It is a place where man’s skill, handed down ‘from mouth to mouth’ for 200 years and six generations, transforms silverware items into authentic jewels.


The silver of our collection is today created with the same care and tools of three centuries ago, when a master silversmith began creating his plate, happily continuing the tradition, only changing to improve and perfect it.

Our prestigious, rare collection numbers a great many combinations of designs and styles, creating complete lines, all made up of unique, originally perfect items.


The thus-prepared products, patiently handmade, are inevitably all different, and some imperfections must be considered in this world of reviewed antique silverware, a value that will remain over time, increasing in the future, a proof of the cultural heritage of times past.


PETRUZZI & BRANCA, a generation that has created beauty for more than 200 years, allowing it to take shape with silver.